About Us

CROP Infrastructure Corp. (CSE: CROP / OTC: CRXPF) is an enterprise ideally positioned to aid the explosive growth of the cannabis crop production sector. Our focus aims to leverage strategic capital investment in land expansion opportunities; assist with key big ticket investments such as greenhouses, foundations, roads, advanced hydroponics, electrical distribution networks, and specialized lighting systems. We are also working to develop relationships with approved agricultural plant input partners for uniformly safe fertilizers, nutrients, herbicides and pesticides as part of a bulk distribution service and innovative GROWSAFE – CROPSAFE client certification program.

PROBLEM: Sources of traditional capital acquisition financing for a myriad of goods and services required by cannabis producers and processors is severely limited due to Federal regulations preventing mainstream lending institutions from participating in sector growth.

SOLUTION: CROP helps cannabis producers and processors to achieve growth and revenue targets by increasing accessibility, efficiency, scalability, and sustainability through affordable lease programs and reasonable fee-based management options.

In an environment where traditional financing is limited. CROP bridges the gap to build an industry.

We’re making history one farm at a time.