Each jurisdiction that enables the lawful growth of cannabis shares a common critical factor: No provisions have been introduced to prevent a non-federally chartered organization from investing in real estate holdings and equipment leaseholds intended for use in this rapidly growing sector.

As a key example, the State of Washington’s initiative (i502) licenses and regulates production, distribution, and possession; removes state-law criminal and civil penalties for activities that it authorizes. The new tightly regulated and licensed system is similar to those used to control alcohol and clearly defines the roles of Producer, Processor and Retailer. It’s primary goal: taxation of product sales and related revenues – not to create barriers to sector growth.

CROP intends to partner and invest in every production-legal jurisdiction in North America to aid and propel agricultural industry capability, new jobs, and revenue growth opportunities.

For further clarification investors should look to each of the regulatory bodies where CROP operates.

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