CROP brings capital to invest in land and equipment to increase income-producing cannabis producers (and processors) ability to achieve sector growth; by delivering funding accessibility, and by driving efficiency, scalability, and sustainability through affordable leasing programs and reasonable management fees.

CROP Infrastructure is structured similarly to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT): a company that owns, operates or finances income-producing real estate.

The company invests in income-producing property and agricultural equipment to service the growth of the cannabis crop industry. CROP leases it’s real estate and provides equipment/expertise in exchange for a management fee.

Infrastructure investment includes land preparation (i.e.: roadways, structural foundations); canopy structures and related service buildings (i.e.: industrial scale greenhouses, fertilizer storage, hydroponics management, product storage and transhipment facilities); plus access to irrigation equipment, specialized lighting and electrical services.

Owner/operators enter into a fixed period leasehold and management fee structure. Agreements include use of CROP branding and use of CROP “Safety Approval” rating system through access to preferred network of suppliers. GROW SAFE – CROP SAFE.

Services, Fees, Facilities & Equipment

  • CROP Infrastructure Corp. purchases real estate, which is leased to the licensed producer/processor.
  • Greenhouses and related equipment (and services) are provided in exchange for a management fee to CROP.
  • CROP offers access to secured investment capital dedicated to infrastructure investment.
  • Client grower/operators targeting an average of 12 greenhouses (approximately 1 acre) or more, are ideal.

Brand Development

Products produced utilizing CROP’s property and infrastructure may be sold by the Tenant’s operating license holder under new or existing brands and distribution networks.

CROP offers additional financing opportunities to increase market penetration via enhanced marketing, brand and distributor development.